Daily Groove


The Toy Box is no ordinary year-round preschool/childcare. Alongside lessons in reading, math, writing, art, and science, children learn critical life skills.  We offer children the ability to share, work together and manage their feelings. We focus on the individual, our acceptance of differences, and a variety of learning styles each child brings to the preschool. We include an array of materials that support each individual’s learning, development and need for physical space. We recognize the vital role families and communities play in each child’s success so we welcome input and support from all influences in the child’s life.

Physical development is important too. We have a secure outdoor playground for climbing, running and riding bikes. We also have an on site garden area.  Gardening can be an enjoyable activity for children. It encourages creative thinking, makes for an eco-friendly activity and has amazing developmental benefits. So here at The Toy Box we offer an organic garden in which we cultivate, patiently watch our seeds grow and enjoy the healthy eating that follows. This amazing process gives all the children a sense of pride in eating what they have “created.”

We utilize a large open grass field just behind the house for exploring, kicking balls, running and embracing nature.  It is a real treat for the kids to expend some energy in an open space.