Tools in the Toybox

Language development is one of the most crucial steps children take as they mature through their toddler years.  All children develop at their own pace.  When a teacher uses pictograms and sign language the children are given a very meaningful bridge for the transition from nonverbal to verbal.  For many children, language comes with ease. But for those it does not, Julie provides an exceptional service.

Julie also uses essential oils to increase her effectiveness as a teacher and care taker.  Essential oils can aid and assist a wide variety of topics such as learning, calming the nervous system and much more.

Julie also utilizes many crossing the mid line activities which are very beneficial for growth and development in toddlers and children.  Below is an excerpt of an article from Spectrum Pediatrics:

Crossing Midline: Why It Is Important to Your Child’s Development

By: Lauren Civiello, M.S., CCC-SLP

The term ‘midline’ refers to the invisible line running from our brain to our feet, which separates the body’s right from left.  As an SLP, I have been educated by my colleagues on the benefits of crossing midline for increased attention and concentration skills.

picture of the planes of the body

The ability to cross our midline reflects the degree of ‘bilateral’ organization a child possesses.  Bilateral skills are important because it helps the right and left sides of our brains communicate. This link that allows both sides of the body to move together in coordination to perform a wide variety of everyday tasks such as reading, writing, crawling or riding a bike.Some children who have difficulty crossing their body’s midlines often struggle with reading, writing, and synchronizing their bodies’ fine and gross motor skills.  Often times, maintaining attention and concentrating can be a challenge due to lack of communication between both sides of the brain.